Concorde is a leading U.S. manufacturer of AGM batteries. It's been that way since the mid 90's when they superceded the performance of Gel batteries and focused solely on their Lifeline and SunXtender AGM brands.

These days the SunXtender brand is more commonly referred or known as Concorde since BP Solar closed their doors in 2010 as this is what is printed on the side of the box when you purchase new batteries from us. SunXtender still have huge installations throughout Australia at all the countries BP service stations.


1000+ Cycles to 50% D.O.D.
No limit to charging current
Maintenance Free Design never requires watering
Sealed Non-hazardous design
Shipped fully charged and ready to install

Built in lifting handles, except PVX-490T and PVX-560T.
Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Micro-porous Glass Separators retain electrolyte.
Positive Plates - Proprietary Lead Calcium Alloy- Negatives Plates - Lead Calcium.
Copper Alloy Terminals for improved electrical connections.
Reinforced container walls to reduce bulging.
High Impact Strength Copolymer Polypropylene Case and Cover.
Flame Arresting Pressure Regulated Safety Valves.
Low Self Discharge Rate Approximately 1 % per month at 25°C.
Operate over a Wide Range of Temperatures from -40°C to +72°C.