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Full Spectrum Power P2

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The Pulse P2 is used by Celtic Racing, LTD Racing, and countless others in AMA, WERA, and CCS competition. This is our most popular lightweight battery. It is suitable for a wide range of motorcycles including 1000cc inline 4-cylinder sportbikes, and V-Twin sportbikes up to 1098cc.

Weighing just 780 grams the Pulse P2 will save an average of 3.5Kg from a stock battery of similar cranking power, while providing nearly twice the cranking capability. It offers integrated brass terminals making it a direct replacement for your stock battery with no modification or special wiring harness.

Capabilities: 240 amp discharge (this is similar to CA for lead acid batteries); 5 Amp hour lithium capacity which is more like 10AH in lead acid but our competitors quote figures as high as 15AH which we feel is streching things a little.
Dimensions: 117mm (L) x 64mm (W) x 96mm (H); 780 grams
Full Spectrum Power produces the worlds smallest, lightest, and most powerful motorcycle batteries. Full Spectrum Power's award winning Pulse and Genesis lightweight motorcycle batteries are hand built in the US, one at a time, using the highest quality components. Full Spectrum Power equipped machines have won more AMA Roadracing and AMA Drag Bike races than all other lightweight motorcycle batteries combined.