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Alfatronix PowerVerter PV24i

Product Image
All PowerVerters convert
24Vdc to 12Vdc
Common Negative
Input to Output
Load Current

Continuous / Intermittent
3 / 6 A PV3s PV3i
6 / 10 A PV6s PV6i
12 / 18 A PV12s PV12i
18 / 21 A PV18s PV18i
24 / 30 A PV24s PV24i
50 / 60 A PV50s

Input voltage range


Output voltage

13.6Vdc +15% -20% at extremes of temperature, load, input tolerance, etc.

Intermittent output power

As stated, taken for a maximum of 2 minutes followed by 8 minutes rest.

Transient voltage protection

Meets ISO7637-2 International standard for 24Vdc commercial vehicles

Electrostatic voltage protection

Meets ISO10605, ISO14892, >8kV contact, 15kV discharge

Output noise

<50mV pk-pk (100mV on 24V units) at continuous load. Meets CISPR25 and VDE0879-3

Off load current (quiescent current)


Power conversion efficiency

Typically: 90% for non-isolated units, 85% for isolated units


>400Vrms between input, output and case, on isolated products only

Mean time between failures

>162 years (HRD4)

Operating temperature

-25ºC to +30ºC to meet this specification table

+30ºC to +80ºC de rate linearly to 0A

Storage temperature

-25ºC to +100ºC

Operating humidity

95% max., non-condensing


Anodised aluminium, glass filled polycarbonate, dust water and impact resistance to IP533


Four 6.3mm push-on flat blade connectors

Output indicator

Green LED adjacent to output terminals

Mounting method

‘Click ‘n’ fit mounting clip, fitted separately using three hole fixing

Safe area protection: Over current

Limited by current sensing circuit

Over heat

Limited by temperature sensing circuit


Protected by filters and rugged component selection

Catastrophic failure

Protected by internal input and output fuses


2004/108/EC The general EMC directive    

2006/96/EC The automotive directive

93/68/EEC The CE marking directive


CE and e marked

Whether you’re installing radio communications, data tracking, visual displays or navigation equipment. On a lorry, a bus, a fire engine or even a luxury yacht. For business, for leisure, and often for emergency services, you know that even the best product or the newest technology is only as good as the power supply supplying it.

At Alfatronix, we know this! A failed power supply or a failed converter is a failed system. That’s why we use only modern rigorously tested designs, automated assembly techniques and an award winning quality manufacturing system backed up by expert engineering support. With flexible working practices and short lead times, our products are delivered to you fast by reliable carriers.

And, just for your peace of mind, don’t forget, all our products are backed up by our now legendary lifetime guarantee. 
Alfatronix – Fit it, forget it!