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Special Interests

From time to time we come across or are shown projects with require something just a little bit different from the normal. We love being involved with New Zealand's inventive or challenges where the individuals push the boundries of physics, human endurance, speed and the human condition.


Marsh Motorsport A Fuel Dragster @ 255mph

Alcohol Dragster 48v Starter Pack and Charging system.


Tony Marsh of Marsh Motorsport has been in the motorsport scene since he was knee high to a grasshopper. After successfully campaigning the Worlds Fastest N/A Rail Drag Car Tony was looking for a new challenge. He'd always wanted a Top Fuel Dragster so did what anyone with a dream would do... sell everything to fund the dream. Well it's paid off with a time quarter mile time of 5.3 seconds on only his second run and a second place in the Dec 12 Fram Autolite Dragway Round 2 of the Century Yuasa Championship. We are proud to be associated with Tony and his team and hope we continue to start another campaign to success.


Martin JetPack

Martin Aircraft Company, the inventor of a personal "flying machine", expects to take six months to nail down a potential $100 million-a-year deal with a foreign government.

Martin Jet Pack

Chief executive Richard Lauder said the firm had signed a heads of agreement to supply at least 500 jetpacks a year for search and rescue purposes.

The non-binding agreement set some basic parameters in the deal but the detail had to be negotiated.

The company was bound not to disclose which government organisation but that would be made public when a final deal was completed.

"It's a country that wants jetpacks for access in civil emergencies," Lauder said.

Yesterday jetpack inventor Glenn Martin was hosting another government also interested in the technology but Lauder played that down saying the company received a lot of visitors.

Lauder said Christchurch-based Martin Aircraft was in negotiations with an aviation specialist, which supplied the government with which there was the heads of agreement, to set up a joint venture company in the country to make the jetpacks for the government.


Australasian Land Speed record attempt

Air force + Jet Engine + Crazy Aerodynamics + Test Pilot = Insane Speed

Richard Knowles had the crazy idea of attempting to break the NZ record and Australian land speed record. In itself no small feat, but to do it with one machine, now there's an challange. NZ's record is just over 350km/h but this is mainly because you need to get to speed, complete the run and slow down/stop safely then turn around and do it back the other way. NZ only has a few roads long enough and to do it safely needs to be a closed road so airport runways are an obvious solution.

But Australia's land speed records are set on the dessert roads between Melbourne and Perth and the record is some 800+Km/h which means you need some serious power, aerodynamics, support team and someone just a little crazy to drive it.