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Protect your battery from over-exposure

Use a Solar Charge Controller (or Regulator) to protect your battery in a solar electric system from being overcharged or being over-discharged.


Solar Controllers

Control the power

Solar controllers are used to manage the voltage created by the Photovoltaic cells. The cells themselves can product between 0-22 volts so the controller is used to limit voltage above typical battery charging and turn off charging if the voltage isn't high enough to charge the batteries.

An MPPT featured controller can be used to optimise charging performance on low light days or during cold weather. These features are normally available on the higher spec units but you can purchase a module separately to retro fit a system.

MPPT controllers in residential applications are proven to have a higher efficiency than mobile applications because of the higher voltages DC used in a grid tie system. This is commonly why MPPT is considered better than PWM.

We used to use solar controllers for their Low Voltage Disconnect features but now having the Alfatronix range available we can supply a solution that best suits your needs. If voltage regulation is a requirement with a charging profile in DC solutions we also have options available from CTEK (D250S Dual) which can be paired with a CTEK SmartPass for up to 80A current bypass for truck - trailer / motor home / marine installations.

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