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Renewable Energy

The Sun - our most powerful energy source. Not just for the greenies, but a realistic approach to improve your substainability and dependence from the national grid while reducing your monthly power bills and feeling good about doing so.


PV system components from leading manufacturers

We're truly passionate about renewable energy and have the products to provide you with the right solution to suit your requirements and budget - whether it's a specific size solar solution for your situation or an advanced web enabled inverter system so you can track your energy profile online or remotely we can help.

Solar Panels - these are becoming so cheap with prices only going down we aren't carrying stock and what we have is gone before we can publish to the web. So if you are looking for something please call for pricing.

Solar voltage controllers / regulators are used to limit the voltage when panels are connected to batteries so the batteries aren't over charged or charged at too high a voltage which causes damage. Some controllers have built in energy meters to inform you of the batteries state of charge (how charged the batteries are). Typically the controller is matched to the power output of the solar array.

View the range from small systems Morningstar to large systems; Outback, SMA America

For battery backup we distribute throughout New Zealand Concorde SunXtender batteries which can be found here