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Extreme Usage??

Racing requires gear that is attuned with the demanding conditions you are putting your vehicle under. See our comprehensive range of batteries and chargers for every extreme situation.   


Racing Products

DC Power for Racing

When you feel the need for speed, but lack the power...Check out our range of Odyssey batteries, the new Extreme Racing by Odyssey and Chargers to keep the power levels up.

Lifeline Racing 16 Volt Batteries
40AH Capacity, 85 Minutes Reserve, 1400 Pulse Amps

EPS Fast Charger

12 Volt,  10 Amp, 5 Stage

CTEK Smart Chargers
Maintenance, Desulphate,
Analyse, Recondition,
Power Supply

6 volt, 12 volt & 24 volt


Odyssey Batteries PC680
170 CCA, Capacity (20hr) 16 Ah,
Reserve minutes: 24mins

Extreme Racing PC950
950 cranking amps for 5 seconds
Short circuit current over 1700A
34 amp hours

CTEK Comfort
Indicator Eyelet

For use with CTEK Chargers