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Pure Virgin Power

The purity of the materials used is key to the performance of the battery. A longer service life, meaning fewer replacements and the costs associated with it. This coupled with higher reliability and fewer system failures, results in long-term cost efficiencies for the end user.



Pure Lead Power

TPPL, or “Thin Plate, Pure Lead” design powers Odyssey, PowerSafe, Cyclon, Extreme Racing and Genesis EP Series batteries. The plates in Pure Lead batteries are constructed with 99.99% pure virgin lead - not lead alloy. Along with doubling service life in even high-temperature locations, this enhanced purity allows batteries to retain a charge for up to two years, eliminating the need for monthly refresh charges.

For critical back-up applications, TPPL’s high energy density eliminates the need to over-size batteries to accommodate repeat-duty back-up power. And unlike conventional lead-acid batteries, high-rate recharge currents won’t shorten the life of a Pure Lead battery.