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Extreme Racing Batteries

The latest addition to the stable from Odyssey Batteries. These batteries cater for the need for higher reserve capacity batteries in a slender width, where installation in a small space or a side mounted option is required without compromising on height.


Extreme Racing Series from Odyssey Batteries

The odyssey Extreme Series has now been integrated into the traditional Odyssey Batteries range and as such the range has been given an update and now carries the tagline Odyssey - Extreme Series

Odyssey Extreme Racing design:

  • Pure virgin lead plates for maximum surface area, otimized recycling
  • AGM (absorbed glass mat) design eliminates acid spills
  • High conductivity, corrosion-resistant tin-pated brass terminals
  • High integrity terminal seal
  • Sealed design - gases recycled internally during operation or charging
  • Safety relief valve per cell
  • Robust intercell connections prevent vibration damage

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Odyssey Extreme Racing 15 (PC370) Odyssey Extreme Racing 30 (PC950) Odyssey Extreme Racing 40 (PC1100)