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We source smart intelligent switch mode chargers from around the globe. They each have distinctive design features, area's of excellence and different applications.


Make a smarter choice from our selection of Marine, Motor Home, Automotive, Motorcycle and Industry Ranges

CTEK Chargers - The Smartest Battery Chargers in the World.

6 volt XC series, 12 volt XS series, 24 volt XT series
Up to an 8 stage charging system to revive, charge and maintain all in one simple, stylish compact unit.

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Victron Energy - European Marine Grade chargers, inverters and inverter/chargers.

Compact, MultiPlus, Phoenix, Centaur & Blue Power are all names synonomous with Victron, they have power solutions for most applications.

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Xantrex - Recently purchased by Schnider Electric so expect more great things to come.

Marine charging systems, pure sine wave inverters, multiplexing chargers and PV off grid inverters will become common name items for Xantrex.

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EPS Chargers

EPS supplies Switch-Mode Battery Chargers (from 12 Volts 4 Amps to 24 Volts and 45 Amps) and Power Supplies suitable for automotive, marine, aviation, motorcycles, caravans, farm equipments, electric wheelchairs and scooters, golf buggies, motor homes and RAPS.

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Singerex -  Chargers, inverters and inverter/charger manufacturers.

PureCharge Chargers available 12 / 24 volt models, 3-stage charging system.
Nitro Chargers 6 / 12 volt, compact 4-step charger with built-in safety features.

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