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Element 82 - Proudly Powering Kiwis

Importers & Distributors of best of breed Batteries and chargers/charging products from Lifeline, Odyssey, Optima, MCA. Smart chargers from CTEK, Alfatronix, Delta Q and Morningstar. Battery testing equipment & solar power products.  We have the largest range of deep cycle batteries for marine or motorhome with matched chargers on offer in the country.
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Element 82 - DC Power Experts - Deep Cycle Batteries for Marine and Motorhome, Chargers, Inverters, Converters, Monitors

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13.9Kg 16V AGM
Drag - Crank - SPL

Sterling Power - European Charging Specialist

Everything from AC to DC and all the voltages in-between

Nasa Marine - Battery Monitoring and Instrumentation
Shunt Monitoring Hardwire or Bluetooth

CTEK New Zealand Authorised Distributor
2-5 year warranty. Suitable for all types of lead acid batteries including AGM, Gel, Calcium, Maintenance Free, Wet, Drycell

Lifeline AGM deep cycle batteries. Hand made in the U.S. by Concorde Corporation. Navy Mil-Spec certified and CE approved. Available in stock from 6 volt 220AH to 12 volt 255AH 8D size.

Odyssey Batteries.
Largest selection in Australasia available in NZ All models in stock with factory backed warranty

Optima Batteries
34, 34R, 34/78, D34M, 34M Models for cranking/starting and deep cycle applications. All sizes available upon request.

MCA Deep Cycle Batteries
All rated at 20 hour rate industry standard and with thick plates that will actually provide a cycle life suitable for your applications. All sizes available in stock.6 & 12 Volt models

 Low Voltage Disconnect
In-line protection for batteries with alarm output, programmable voltage release/renew 10A-200A
Jump Start Packs
Highest cranking power packs available. Just turn the key to prove for yourself. Forget those bogus specs on other brands and settle for the best. Provided with AC & DC charging solutions.

Keepower Chargers
Workshop Chargers with 12/24 volt charging. Voltmeters, current control, patented clamp design. European design awards and world recognition shouldn't be overlooked.

Voltage Converters
12 to 48 volt input with
12 to 48 volt output
Power supplies, chargers, isolated outputs. Petro-chem certified. UK manufactured quality.

 MYLAPS Car, Moto, Motorcycle, Kart Motorised Transponders.
MYLAPS ProChip Active Transponders for Cycling, BMX, Swimming, Triathalon

Full Spectrum Power
Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells with IPT technology,Motorcycle, Go-Kart, ATV, micro-lite and more
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Bussmann / Littelfuse / Fuzetec / MTA / PEC  circuit protection products NZ Distributor.
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Internationally Manufactured, Locally Supplied.

Element 82 Importers and Distributors of worldwide leading DC Power brands. Fuelled by Pure Lead Power batteries, Renewable Energy technology, smart Chargers and much more. Element 82 is a DC Powerhouse of brands which are endorsed by leading car manufacturers, certified by Australia’s Telco industry, British Rail approved, Emergency Services fleet installation, Aviation certified and U.S. Defence Force approved - these accolades are testament that we supply only the best products to our customers . Element 82 is the one stop shop for world-beating DC Power applications!

NZ Distributors of quality brands like Concorde (Lifeline & SunXtender) U.S. made non current limited AGM batteries, Lifeline Data Logged Battery Discharge Testers, Remco SLA range of batteries for Deep Cycle, High Rate UPS & Mobility Market, CTEK intelligent automotive chargers along with conductance battery testing equipment from Midtronics & CTEK; Retailers of EnerSys product from the Odyssey & Genesis EP Range, Sinergex, Xantrex, Optima, Victron, along with a warehouse full of fuse options for all your protection needs.

Element 82 also proudly powers and supports a wide range of Top NZ Motorsport championship, Government Agencies, Telecommunication Installations, Industry Applications from Farming to Robotics and everything in-between. Collectively we've got NZ powered. Drop us an email or give us a call to find out how we can best help you.

Being a technology driven company we are diverse

Element 82-  MyLaps ProChip Transponders and decoders for clubs, tracks or organisations wanting a timing system to better monitor an athletes development.

These timing systems essentially have 4 parts.
1. The transponder which is a small transmitter is fastened to the person of in the ProChips model typically fastened to a Bicycle. It transmitts a unique ID.
2. Detection Loops are placed on or in the ground at 600mm apart. They detect the transmitter and send the unique ID back to part 3.
3. Decoder - this equipment is listening for unique ID's to pass over the detection loops and it triangulates the strongest point between the two wires (that's the point 300mm from the first and second loop - also the centre) then passes those timing point onto "part 4" the computer for processing.
4. The computer & software which collects all the data, sorts and displays the timing information.

These type of communicatons, understanding and speed of calculation are all similar to chargers, profiles, communication, wiring, interference, remote reporting and network technologies that we are used to so while the product is new and different to what we normally do. It's something we are familiar with.